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Display Your Memorabilia with Pride Do you own something that is precious to you, perhaps a piece of memorabilia that you want to be able to display with pride but don't want uninvited sticky little fingers pawing all over it? Well, if your answer is yes then investing in a stylish acrylic display case could be the answer to your needs. Our display cases are can be made to measure to fit your prized possessions exactly. It is even possible to choose the colour of the display case base, so why not match your football to colours of your teams strip? Our standard display cases are made of 5mm thick clear acrylic. Acrylic is used due to its light weight and durability. The acrylic display cases consist of an acrylic base onto which a clear acrylic lid fits. Some memorabilia displays have small pins to lift your item off the bottom of the display case and secure it into place, this is especially useful if you intend on displaying a spherical item such as a football or baseball as it stops them from rolling around inside the case. If you are wanting to display something of a particular value you may want to consider a lockable display case. This option is perfect to display items such as jewelry, collectables and antiques. The lock system can be as small as 20mm in diameter and therefore won't distract from the treasures inside the display case. An acrylic display case will protect your treasured items from daily wear and tare such as dust and moisture. It will also deter over eager fingers from handling your memorabilia. Not only will it protect your items it is a stylish and efficient piece of display equipment to use. The display cases are perfect for signed footballs, signed football shirts, cricket bats, helmets, basket balls, trains, trophies, jewelry, watches, basically anything you need to protect! To keep your acrylic display case in top condition keep polish away from it as this can discolour and ruin the acrylic. Instead use our acrylic cleaner. This acrylic cleaner is an effective anti static multi purpose cleaner. The bactericides present are effective against both gram positive and gram negative organisms, but are totally safe to humans, in fact you can use this acrylic cleaner on food surface areas. Mid West Displays manufacture to order, so if you have a special requirement, ask us to quote for you.

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