Encore Bevel Edge Poster Displays & Light Panels

As a leading poster display supplier, we can help you inject that little bit of your brand and identity into your window and POS displays, our Bespoke Poster Displays from our Encore range are the perfect fit for you. Our range of Encore poster displays come with background graphics, that can be changed and customised to you, giving you something unique that will really make you stand out! And with low voltage LED backlighting to make your poster displays to draw attention throughout the day and night. Our range of custom poster displays are ideal for a variety of retail and high street businesses, and they can fit to your needs, as these poster displays can be either wall, rod or cable mounted, all you need to do is tell us at check out and we will make the one you want. ***When ordering this product please state in the message if you require Landscape or Portrait*** ***Also state your mounting request: Cable Mounted, Rod Mounted or Wall Mounted*** *****For Rod & and Cable mounting do not forget to order your Rod or Cable Kit*****

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