Free Standing Displays (Externally Lit)

We have a large range of non illuminated Free Standing Displays available, these are a very attractive way of advertising in any business, whether you are in an estate agents, or a car dealership. Our free standing display units come fitted with A4 pockets, these can easily be swapped out for A3 if you prefer, and it is very easy to update the contents of your display. We have classic, standard and premium style displays, all are made to order, with various sizes being able to hold from as little as four, all the way up to a massive eighteen A4 holders, with some customisation available. We advice that you do not use polish on your free standing displays as this can discolour and ruin the acrylic. Instead we would recommend you use our acrylic cleaner this is an effective anti-static multi purpose cleaner. The bactericides in it are effective against both gram positive and negative organisms, but are totally safe to humans, in fact you can use this acrylic cleaner on food surface areas. If you need any help please phone the sales team on 01743 465531.

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