Outdoor Digital Poster Displays

The outdoor digital display screens we have are built with todays market in mind, with Sunlight Readable Brightness being paramount for outdoor screens, these displays use commercial grade Ultra High Brightness panels (1500 cd/m2); more than 4 times brighter than a standard home TV to allow easy readability in direct sunlight. The Outdoor Enclosure is designed with robust, corrosion protection, casing, helping it to survive the elements and the public. These outdoor poster displays come with IP65 rating which means it keeps out airborne particles as well as being protected from any wet weather conditions. For extra protection, the outdoor display screens also feature waterproof over molded AV connectors, and the enclosures are made from mild steel with have thermally toughened glass. The glass frontage is also anti-reflective to help defuse direct sunlight shining on the display. These outdoor digital poster displays also have a built-in HD media player allowing you to run content We can also get the displays upgraded so they can be updated remotely via a cloud-based CMS. Our outdoor poster displays are designed with installation and maintenance in mind. As well as having a cabling channel built into the units base, there are also special fitting holes to allow you to permanently fix your screen in position. There is also ample space within the unit to hide any additional hardware, such as a PC internally, with easy access in the form of a front panel door.

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