Rotating Displays

Rotating Displays for Windows and retail displays. Add movement to your shop window display with our rotating displays or create a moving wall graphic. Suspended on 6mm rods and powered with a 12 volt transformer. The units have panels which turn through 180 degrees, then rest for a period of time determined by you. The viewing time is adjustable from 0-99 seconds, using the digital control unit that is set in the upper profile. All kits include 2 x 3m rods, lights and transformer and everything else that is required to install. If you require more than one unit, we can synchronise the units so they all start and stop rotating simultaneously. The unit comes complete with low voltage lights projecting forwards from the upper profile lighting up the display. Units and panels can be made to measure, in a colour of your choice, with or without your brand or logo. These rotating and moving window displays are perfect for estate agents window displays and as a retail display, they are eye catching and attract customers to your window. They feature low voltage lights which means they can be viewed day and night. They enable twice the amount of product details to be displayed and offer a very attractive and alternative window display. Mid West Displays are proud to announce the arrival of their new moving window displays. These moving displays work in exactly the same way as our existing ranges but the blade design is different. We have been able to modify the structure of the blade which enables three or four times the amount of product information to be displayed. The rotating blades are available as a square or triangular option and are structured around a central rotating device. This means there are either 3 or 4 sides to view full of product information! Why not use this option as a moving poster display? These square and triangular rotating display options are ideal for small office or shop window spaces as they are compact but are able to display lots of product information. To keep your Rotating Window Displays in top condition keep polish away from the acrylic blades as this can discolour and ruin the acrylic. Instead use our acrylic cleaner. This acrylic cleaner is an effective anti static multi purpose cleaner. The bactericides present are effective against both gram positive and gram negative organisms, but are totally safe to humans, in fact you can use this acrylic cleaner on food surface areas. If you are in any doubt which option is suitable for your office or window display, get in contact with our sales team who will be more than happy to help you. Phone 01743 465531.

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