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Standard Free Standing Panels

Freestanding panels. Mid West Displays introduces it's new range of free standing panels. Unlike the old design the pockets are replaceable as they hook on to the panel itself. Our free standing displays are made by our in-house specialists to the highest quality and offer an excellent competitive price. They are made to order so why not have it customised with your corporate colours or add a logo? The free standing panels consist of an acrylic panel, in a colour of your choice, with hook in acrylic pockets, in a size of your choice. It is also possible to mix and match pocket holder sizes, A4 and A3 on the same panel. We also offer a choice of 3 bases. Choose from heavy metal round or oval feet or a decorative base. To keep your Standard Freestanding Panel in top condition keep polish away from it as this can discolour and ruin the acrylic. Instead use our acrylic cleaner. This acrylic cleaner is an effective anti static multi purpose cleaner. The bactericides present are effective against both gram positive and gram negative organisms, but are totally safe to humans, in fact you can use this acrylic cleaner on food surface areas. If you need any help please phone the sales team on 01743 465531.

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