Touch Screen & Interactive Signage

Our interactive and touch screen signage displays opens up new opportunities, for shops, banks estate agents and more, allowing for customers to interact and discover more of what you have to offer The touch screen displays come with etched glass, that not only defuses the light, increasing readability but makes touch movements smoother. These interactive touch screen signs let you use your finger, stylus or anything else as your cursor and supports up to 6 multi-touch points, much like a smart phone, creating a whole new opportunity for group learning and interaction. The sharp image and great contrast give the touch screens drastically superior readability and doesn't take its toll on your eyes. These interactive displays are designed to last 16 times longer than most projector lamps and don't create annoying shadows. Fitted with LED backlights that give improved brightness, contrast, lifespan and power consumption. Unlike other forms of light this technology is mercury free; making it even more eco-friendly.

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