Wall Mounted Acrylic

Wall Mounted Acrylic. Our Wall Mounted Acrylic Displays are all made in-house. Our Acrylic department design and manufacture displays to suit your requirements. Although they are custom made we only ever charge at "Off the Shelf" Prices! Wall Mounted Acrylic Panels can feature a range of display options such as poster pocket displays, dispensers and branding. We have lots of different acrylic options available, in a range of different thicknesses (ranging from 3mm-10mm) and colours. If you want to match your wall mounted acrylic display to a brand colour or colour scheme just let us know and we will send the closest matches to you in the post, easy! All Wall Mounted Panels come with S1SC Satin Chrome Sign SUpport Fixings. To keep your Wall Mounted Acrylic in top condition keep polish away from it as this can discolour and ruin the acrylic. Instead use our acrylic cleaner. This acrylic cleaner is an effective anti static multi purpose cleaner. The bactericides present are effective against both gram positive and gram negative organisms, but are totally safe to humans, in fact you can use this acrylic cleaner on food surface areas. If you have a particular acrylic display requirement get in touch with the sales team on 01743 465531 who will be happy to help you.

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